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Natives Progress: 51.63950520322% | 2630/5093 confirmed | 10927/5093 unconfirmed

Crowd-sourced game for cracking the many mysteries of GTA V. Read the full story about our obsessive attempts to crack the Chiliad mystery by researching the game files at


Until recently, the file hunt focused on going over the static resources of the game - looking at models, textures, maps. This brought some great discoveries like the alien egg. Many of you rightfully ask - so we might have an egg, now what? How does it connect to the game, what triggers its appearance?

The holy grail for this sort of knowledge is hidden away inside the various scripts in the game. The scripts hold the game logic, like: show the Chiliad UFO only if 3am and rain and game 100% complete.

The problem with diving into the scripts is that it's an extremely difficult task. Our dear community member reoze has taken it upon himself. He is making progress, but he has hit a wall, and he needs our help to overcome it.

When a script runs, it can perform various tasks. For example, a script involving the Chiliad UFO might need to check the current weather. This is performed using a "native". The problem is we don't have the names of these tasks/natives, we only have their numbers (hashes). We plan to guess various names and hope they match the numbers that we have.

Getting back to our script checking the weather.. What sort of names could this native have? Maybe "get_current_weather" or "get_weather" or "is_raining" or "is_raining_weather".. We need to guess all of these, and that's where you come in.

Once we have the full list of natives with meaningful names, we will be able to understand the scripts. And this will give us all the complex triggers we're after - putting us on the fast track to getting real answers to the many mysteries of the game.


There are about 4000 natives we need to guess. If you uncover one of them, you will receive 1 point. Once we confirm your discovery, you will receive 1000 points. So in short, unconfirmed matches are worth 1 point, confirmed matches are worth 1000. Register with your username to appear in the leaderboard and receive eternal glory for your effort.


Open the "Natives" tab to see what names other users have already discovered. Once you get the general idea of what these names look like, open the "Hasher" tab and start guessing. Type your guess in the textbox, for example the string "get_current_weather" (without quotes, lowercase letters) and click on the Calculate button. That's it. If this guess matched a new undiscovered native, you will be notified and receive your shiny new point.


Get inspiration from the "Natives" tab and make modifications based on what you see there.. try to incorporate terms from the game inside.

GTA IV also has a similar script engine with a similar concept of natives. The full list of GTA IV natives is available here: Use this list for inspiration too. Don't try guessing the GTA IV strings as-is, we already tried all of them and only about 500 worked out of the box.